Black Panther and his home Wakanda will make it to Marvel’s Avengers as part of Black Panther War for Wakanda expansion later this year.

The Black Panther and his native home of Wakanda will be in Marvel’s Avengers expansion “War for Wakanda” later this year

In the expansion, The Avengers assist Black Panther in combating AIM and the villainous Klaw when they invade the country of Wakanda, watch the cinematic trailer below!

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are delivering on their promised road map with Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Kate Bishop, and Clint Barton, and now Black Panther.

Black Panther War for Wakanda adds Black Panther as a playable character, who must defend Wakanda from Klaw, who seeks to steal Vibranium for his own desires.

The DLC will include New Outfits, Villans, including Klaw, new Klaw Faction enemies, Story, Wakandan Jungle Biome, Outpost, and Power Level Cap increase.

“Ulysses Klaue has made his way to Wakanda, intent on stealing Vibranium for his own selfish needs.

Black Panther brings the Avengers and his fellow Wakandans, like Shuri and Okoye, together to defend his home from the incoming threat.”

“Before the War for Wakanda Expansion comes the Cosmic Cube Event, which has two main parts: Beating the Odds and the Cosmic Threat Event.

In Beating the Odds, you’ll face off against Monica, the Scientist Supreme, who is strengthened by the immense power of the true form of Project Omega: the Cosmic Cube.

The fight against Monica is unlike any we’ve created before, and she has several dangerous tricks hiding up her sleeve.

The Cosmic Threat Event will commence on June 24 and end on July 8 and feature new missions that will have you scouring the world in different Threat Sectors all the while being imbued with Cosmic energy that packs quite the mean punch,” via Square Enix.

Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther War for Wakanda expansion arrives in August 2021.

Black Panther War for Wakanda

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