Sega of America debuted a new Yakuza Like a Dragon gameplay trailer during their Comic Con @ Home event.

The Heroes of Tomorrow gameplay trailer showcases explosive, dynamic RPG elements of protagonist Ichiban Kasuga and his ragtag party.

If you want to see “a group of middle-aged “heroes” battle massive construction vehicles, take down thugs with an uppercut from a facial wand, or summon a tempest of pigeons? Yakuza Like a Dragon has you covered – it’s like no other RPG before it”

The game includes English voice cast which features, among many talented actors, esteemed TV and film actor George Takei.

  • Takei as Masumi Arakawa, a powerful patriarch whose dissolution of the Tojo Clan’s yakuza empire sets into motion the conflict at the heart of this complex, winding narrative.
  • Kaiji Tang as Ichiban Kasuga, protagonist of the story returning from 18 years spent in prison.
  • Andrew Morgado as Koichi Adachi, an ex-cop on the search for truth.
  • Greg Chun as Yu Nanba, downtrodden former nurse making amends with the world.
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Saeko Mukoda, a bar hostess on a mission.

Pre-Order Packages:

The Day Ichi Edition, available for $59.99 in digital format, includes the Legends Costume Set incorporating eight costumes representing fan-favourite figures from the Yakuza series, from Kazuma Kiryu to Daigo Dojima. A physical edition, called the Day Ichi SteelBook Edition, also includes the Legends Costume Set and comes in a stylish SteelBook for your collection.

The Hero Edition (for $69.99, available in digital format) includes all features from the Day Ichi Edition, as well as the Job Set, which adds two new playable jobs – the guitar-shredding Devil Rocker and the naginata-wielding Matriarch, and the Management Mode Set, which contains a wide selection of additional employees for the expansive Management Mode minigame.

The Legendary Hero Edition (for $89.99, available in digital format) includes all Hero Edition content as well as the full in-game Crafting Set, Karaoke Set, Ultimate Costume Set and Stat Boost Set.

Yakuza Like a Dragon will arrive in the west on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Steam in November 2020. Xbox Series X will release on day one of the console’s release date, and the PlayStation 5 version will release at a later date.

Yakuza Like a Dragon

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