With the new rival consoles coming closer there have been many rumors that have been spread all over the internet. Of course none of these have been proven yet such as we don’t even know if the new Xbox is going to be called “Xbox 720”, but here are some rumors that you might want to keep in mind.

The new Xbox is going to be blue ray compatible, with the age of DVDs coming to an end the Xbox needs to catch up to it’s PlayStation rival. Another rumor that has many fans talking is that the new Xbox will not take discs, however it will all be done by digital downloading.

Both consoles will have new, enhanced graphics cards that are supposed to be astonishing. Another rumor is that Crytek is going to be involved in developing the ps4’s new graphics card. Take a look at PS4 leaked launch trailer after the break

Of course these are just rumors that need to be further researched on to find out the facts. Maybe we’ll here some news at E3 about the new consoles.

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