Black Bean Games confirmed that WRC 2 – The Official Game of the 2011 FIA World Rally Championship, is set for release in October 2011. The sequel to the popular WRC is currently being developed by Milestone and will be published exclusively by Black Bean Games for PlayStation 3, Xbox360 and PC.

WRC 2 will feature all the cars and drivers from the 2011 season spanning 90 stages across 15 locations. In total 25 different terrain types will feature as well as variable weather conditions.

Retro cars from past rally eras will feature, as will 16 player online support.

“There are millions of WRC followers and racing games enthusiasts all around the world and our ambition is to make them happy with our official products,” Leader Spa MD Luisa Bixio stated.

“Most of them simply can’t wait to know more about the next WRC episode. Following the International press and consumer feedback we collected after the 2010 edition release, everyone at Black Bean Games and Milestone, together with the North One Sport team, is doing the best to achieve the most important objective of this year:meeting the gamers expectations.

Below is a teaser trailer which chooses oddly to focus on a guard rail for 45 seconds of your life. Because, y’know, racing game-lovers get all excited over a nice grey guard rail. *Facepalm*


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