American rapper, Wiz Khalifa remixes Canadian rapper, Drake‘s Passion Fruit, off More Life.

Wiz Khalifa Passit Lyrics

Im off a few shots of patron right now since nigga’s wanna be putting too much alcohol in the Bombay and shit…
Plus we ain’t got no McQueen
Its on the way though

Smoke one for my niggas thats gone
Bottles up she in love with a don
Used to smoke bad weed in a wood
Now she put her KK in a Raw
Bust down Cartier on my arm
Look like my iPhone going off
Smoke strong keep supreme in the jar
Play the game like I seen this before
Used to be a young nigga shooting hoops
Now the people calling me the new Snoop
Speaking of Snoop real life thats my OG
Smoked out at Demi Lovato’s party
Niggas saying they on top I ain’t buying it
Slice hitting sharp ,mine keep flying private
Now the money from my WeedFarm piling
Day ones only kind Ima ride wit’

Now ya’ll go head and smoke sum..
Wait for that Rolling Papers 2 to come out….
Matter fact smoke 2 of them thang’s
You dug

Pass it lets get high today
Pass it let your girl get blazed
Don’t pass it if its not KK
I won’t hit no

Written by Cameron Thomaz.

Produced by Taylor Gang.

Wiz Khalifa - Passit (Passion Fruit Weedmix) Lyrics 2

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