Windows 8 has a ton of new features that we have been covering extensively over the past few weeks/months or so. But who knew that Microsoft would also make a change to one of the most dreaded screens of all? I’m talking about the “blue screen of death” (BSoD) , the harsh screen that comes up when a Windows operating system decides that it doesn’t know what to do and locks up. It’s not something any Windows users want to see.

Officially known as a stop-error, the blunder screen first appeared in Windows 1.0 back in in 1985. The now-loathed blue screen, which is named after its obvious color and original-association to ‘Big Blue’ IBM, has one purpose and one purpose only–to tell you it’s all gone wrong.

“Poor Windows 8. You totally crashed out, but you’re so adorable. I just can’t be mad at you.” That may be the new reaction to operating system failure when Windows 8 finally reaches the masses. The new BSoD also delivers the simple message, “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.” Take a look at the image below

Windows 8 gets a new 'Blue Screen of Death' 1This change may be part of a bid by Microsoft to get more in tune with a younger crowd, the sort of kids who won’t get it when Windows spews out a list of obscure error codes. Everybody understands a sad face.

Sure, it’s a minor thing among all of the major new features and improvements in Windows 8, but we suspect that you will be seeing this new blue screen of death on occasion while using the pre-release operating system. But, as we get closer to the final builds and eventually RTM, the BSOD will hopefully never show its ugly (and sad) face.

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