EA’s upcoming first-person shooter game, Battlefield Hardline will be the first in series to be developed by Visceral Games (internally owned by Electronic Arts) with additional work from series creator, EA Digital Illusions CE.

Since its leaks and reveal fans have accused EA for making a BFH a Battlefield 4 ‘expansion’, based on how similar BF4 and BFH looks, feels and plays. However, BFH lead multiplayer designer, Thad Sasser clears up fans concern in a recent interview.

Speaking to PlayStationLifeStyle at E3 2014 show floor, Sasser was asked, why does BFH look similar to BF4? or why wasn’t it just an ‘expansion’?

He replied, “Well, obviously the engine’s the same. We’re using Frostbite 3. It’s a fantastic engine. We’ve got improvement incoming. We improved the vehicle physics and so on because, in a cops and criminal setting, vehicle collisions are way more important than in Battlefield.

So, we’re making fundamental changes under the hood to some of these systems. In terms of the UI, we still want it to be recognizably Battlefield, but we’ve got some changes, we’re listening to user feedback, we’re always soliciting comments and feedback from the players, so if you’ve got specific comments, you got specific feedback, let us know.

We’re happy to take it in, we’re still a good bit away from release. We got time to make some changes. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like. Tell us why.”

He adds, “What you see on the [E3 2014] show floor here today is just a small portion of what we got. Obviously, we got a wide range of maps. We got a lot more weapons. We got a lot more cool gadgets. We got a lot more exciting stuff to show you in the upcoming weeks and months. We got a slew of new game modes.

I think you’ll understand where the value proposition is with this game. There is a lot of new content. It’s not just a re-skin or a re-use of assets. We’ve got all new assets, we got a lot of stuff still coming in, so look forward, check us out in the future, play it, tell us what you think.”

Thad Sasser assures fans that BFH will be stable at launch, “A lot of our engineers are participating in the CTE actively, helping with the changes going on there.

One of the great things working on the franchise with DICE is that we’re able to take some of the improvements and roll them into the Hardline game.

So, expect to see great stability at launch, and anything we can do to improve the player experience, we’re going to take that very seriously and try to get that in the game.”

What do you think about Thad Sasser’s statement above? What do you think of Battlefield Hardline so far? Sound Off in the comments below.

Battlefield Hardline will launch on October 21, 2014 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.


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