WARFRAME is a third-person, free-to-play shooter from the studio behind the Darkness II, Dark Sector, and the upcoming Star Trek game.

Set in space during a dark age, in which a race called the Tenno is dying out under the enslavement of the Grineer. Luckily, just as the Grineer are about to wipe out the Tenno, the latter discover Warframes, ancient technological exoskeletons only they can operate.

The trailer is light on details, but it does give us a introduction to the game’s plots and shows off some of the game characters and ninja powers, get it after the jump:

This trailer based on pre-alpha footage clearly shows an excellent job done by Digital Extremes.

WARFRAME, PvE shooter for squads of four players, with unlockable upgrades and weapons, customisable arsenals, and procedurally generated levels.

If you’re interested in the game, Sign up for the beta and reserve your alias here for the upcoming fall beta, more details expected by the end of the summer.

But one thing’s for sure – There will be a lot of confusion between WARFRAME and Crytek’s Warface.


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