Naughty Dog released a new patch for Uncharted 4, Patch 1.19 features fixes and more for multiplayer.

The post will be updated with latest patch notes as the developer goes live with the patch, you can check out Multiplayer live update post here.

Uncharted 4 Patch 1.19 Released 1
Uncharted 4 Patch 1.19 Released 2
Uncharted 4 Patch 1.19 Released 3

Patch 1.19.048 (December 16, 2016)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when reaching the max number of buffs
  • Fixed a loss of functionality issue that can occur when navigating the store

Patch 1.18.048 (December 14, 2016)


Introducing Survival!

Our new cooperative and solo mode will put your skills to the test as you take on 50 increasingly challenging waves, featuring unique objective scenarios, swarms of powerful enemies, and intense boss battles. As you make your way toward level 50, you’ll earn XP in Survival’s dedicated progression system and unlock unique rewards.

Alongside Survival, we’re spicing things up in competitive Multiplayer with King of the Hill—an all new addition to our Beta Test Playlist. Capture the hill and defend it for as long as you can. Defending team doesn’t respawn until the hill is taken by the enemy team or you and your teammates are wiped out!

New DLC Content

  • 2 New Maps:
    • Prison
    • Train Wreck (Flashback map)
  • 5 Flashback Weapons:
    • M4 Assault Rifle
    • PAK-80 Light Machine Gun
    • Micro 9mm automatic pistol
    • Para 9 pistol
    • Desert 5 pistol (Heavy Weapon)
  • Classic Uncharted 2 & 3 music added to in-game & menus
  • 48 Character Skins
  • 40 Vanity items
  • 10 Taunts
  • 25 new color options for every skin!
  • 10 new levels (81 – 90 for competitive), with two new vanity unlocks
  • 12 New Co-op Trophies
  • New Challenges for new items & Survival challenges
  • You can now set your challenge preference to Multiplayer, Survival, or a mix of both
  • Separate MP and SP executables, the game will now load you into the last section you were playing

Welcome to Economy 2.0!

  • Permanent Price Reductions:
    • Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 2000 to 300 Relics
    • Premium Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 1500 Relics
    • Gameplay DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 2500 Relics
    • All Uncharted Point prices reduced to Summer Sale levels (25 – 40% off)
  • VIP Bonus
    • Purchasing any Uncharted Points pack now awards VIP status, which gives you a permanent 20% bonus to all Relics earned from challenges within Uncharted 4
    • Anyone who previously purchased an Uncharted Points pack will also have VIP status
    • Any Uncharted Points pack over 300UP now comes with a set of one-use Relic Boosters.
      • Relic Boosters give you a 300% increase to the Relics earned from completing a Multiplayer match, plus a stacking shared bonus, which all players in the match receive
  • The more players activate a booster in a match, the bigger the reward for everyone!
  • Chests are now purchasable with Uncharted Points
  • Chest prices are less than purchasing the items they drop individually
  • All Multiplayer matches now award 15 Relics regardless of win or loss

Balance and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with not loading into games properly
  • Saviors no longer stand idle while their owner is being choked by a Hunter
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to activate some Mysticals after purchasing while dead
  • Plunder spawn weight adjustments
  • Team colors now appear properly for all clients in a Private Match
  • Fixed the Radar image for Village
  • Fixed Radar when spectating a teammate
  • Fixed an issue with sounds persisting after a game has finished
  • Fixed an exploit on the level Auction

Patch 1.17.045 (November 14, 2016)


  • Fixed a profile issue causing users to lose their Trials & Ranked TDM progression
  • Fixed a Leaderboard issue where Classic Mode statistics counted to the regular TDM Leaderboards
  • Fixed an issue with being able to hear player’s microphones before a Ranked TDM match
  • Fixed an issue where the the HDR option could cause certain menu screens to become unresponsive

Patch 1.16.044 (November 9, 2016)


  • Ranked
    • Leaderboards have been reset to reflect the current season
    • Fixed an issue with the Aviators not displaying properly
  • Balance
    • FAL Headshot damage adjusted so a player can no longer be downed unless all 3 bullets are headshots
    • Lowered the transition time from blindfire to aim-down-sights
      • Lowe-S
      • Harrison 1890
      • AK-47
      • P90
    • All Shotgun blindfiring damage now less effective than aiming
    • Spezzotti 12 Gauge – Fire Rate Increase/Damage Increase
    • Pistole – Small increase to Base Damage
    • US-AN 12 movement damage modifier removed (in line with other shotguns)
  • Other Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with the improper drops occurring during Bounty Hunter on the map Auction House
    • Fixed Audio Options Menu crash that could occur when resetting to default from certain settings
    • Fixed a white flash that occurs when transitioning from Multiplayer to the Main Menu
    • Fixed issue with HDR settings not defaulting automatically when switching outputs.

Patch 1.15.041 (November 3, 2016)


  • Added support for PlayStation®4 Pro
  • Added support for High Dynamic Range display
  • Improved quality of stereo audio


Beta Test Playlist – Classic Mode:

  • Starting November 3rd, and through the weekend, you’ll have a change to jump in and try out Classic Mode
  • We will be trying out other variations of Classic Mode during our second Beta Test weekend on November 11th

Bundle Sale:

  • All bundles are now 70% off until November 10th

Ranked Season 3 has started!

New ranked rewards added:

  • Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Master Aviator sunglasses

Ranked Changes:

  • You can no longer see which players have joined the lobby until the match begins
  • Qualifier matches are now only required when moving between full ranks (e.g. Silver to Gold). Moving within a rank (e.g. Silver III to Silver II) doesn’t require any qualifiers.
  • Players can now be kicked during a ranked match for networking issues

Gameplay changes:

  • Players will no longer take cover on something that is fully offscreen. This led to many situations where players accidentally became stuck to cover when attempting to roll.


  • Fixed a couple bugs where player could lose a mystical they purchased after switching loadouts
  • Fixed teammates being able to bump the player’s camera when in aim mode
  • Fixed a bug where Bounty Hunter matches would not increment the total score earned used for unlocking new boosters
  • Fixed some collision issues on Rooftops
  • Fixed an issue with Shield of Asgard Mystical cancelling when player attempts to melee immediately after activation
  • Fixed issue where Team Deathmatch and Command matches could start with uneven teams

Cinema Mode fixes:

  • Fixed problem with rewinding several times causing a permanent black screen
  • Fixed issue when cinema file ends causing unwanted black screens
  • Fixed a crash in cinema caused by a late joiner
  • Fixed a crash that occurs during cinema replay
  • NOTE: In this patch, cinema files have switched over to a new version.  This will erase any older cinema files.

Other stability fixes:

  • Fixed crash that can occur when connecting to multiplayer
  • Fixed black screen hang during loading if any user loses connection to host during the load into the game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during Ranked TDM
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when being downed while hanging off of an edge while over water

Patch 1.13.037 (September 21, 2016)


New Mode: Bounty Hunter

  • Players drop a bounty when they are KO’d worth 10 victory points
  • Teams take turns hunting or protecting the Captain, who has the highest bounty
  • Captain bounties start at 60 victory points and go up to 120 points
  • Captain bounties must be climed, which takes a short time, so prepare to fight over them!

New map: Village

  • A fan favorite returns!

New feature: Cinema Replay

  • Relive your greatest moments and find your highlights for Uncharted TV!

New Mystical:

  • Shield of Asgard – Take 75% less damage, move 50% slower

5 New Weapons:

  • DC Single Action – Semi-Automatic Revolver
  • RKL-155 – Fully Automatic mid Pistol
  • Lowe-S – Assault Rifle
  • Harrison 1890 – Lever Action Rifle
  • US-AN 12 – Automatic Shotgun (Heavy Weapon)

4 New Boosters:

  • Lock ‘n Load – Ammo pickups put ammo directly into your clip
  • Undisturbed – Hold charge melee while climbing and rolling
  • Silent Assassin – Make your KOs silent
  • Weapons Expert – Aim while vaulting, jumping, or falling; cancel a roll by aiming

2 New Mods:

  • Brute Teleport – Brute will reappear at your side when you respawn
  • Djinn Fire Punch – Down an opponent in two melee hits

10 New Levels (71 – 80)

  • Including two new mystical vanity items unlocked at level 75 and 80

Lots of New Vanity Content:

  • 20 Apocalypse Themed Skins
  • 6 Western Themed Skins
  • 3 Military Themed Skins
  • 21 Pre-Set Outfits
  • 6 New Hats
  • 4 New Face Wear Items
  • 9 New Taunts

Balance changes:

  • C4 loadout point cost increased from 2 to 3
  • C4 detonation delay upgrades changed to 30% at level 2 and 50% at level 3
  • Damage wobble caused by FAL to target decreased
  • P90 blindfire reduction


  • Heavy Weapons can no longer be reloaded on ziplines
  • Late joiners can now hear in-game chat and be heard properly
  • Fixed an issue where in-game scoreboard wouldn’t re-appear after backing out of the loadout selection

Patch 1.12.033 (August 31, 2016)


Ranked Season 2 has started!

New ranked rewards added:
• Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Master Bandanas

Individual performance has a bigger effect:
• Top Performer bonus replaced with Performance Grade for all players
• The amount of bonus points is based on your performance in the match compared to the average in your rank
• A strong performance can almost fully offset the points lost from a loss in most ranks

Party members share performance of the party:
• Performance of all players in the party is averaged to determine the bonus Rank Points that the whole party receives

Faster ranking up:
• Requirements to advance to qualifiers were reduced (Previously some ranks required >100 Rank Points, now all require 100 except Apprentice, which is 50)

Easier to pass qualifiers:
• Previously passing required winning best 2 out of 3 matches, now requires 1 out of 3 (Bronze), or 2 out of 5 (Silver).

Easier to get back into qualifiers:
• Failing qualifiers now sets you back to 90% of the previous rank (was 60 – 90%), so winning your next game will loop directly back into qualifiers

Other changes:
• Max rank achieved through initial placement matches is now Gold III (was Silver III)
• Ties no longer award Rank Points to either team

• New Devon

Economy changes:
• New 300UP Currency Pack (coming soon with a PlayStation®Store update)
• Added Match Completion bonus worth 10 Relics
• Winning a match now awards 20 Relics

• Players can no longer late-join a match where 50% of the match score or time has elapsed (at the time match is found)
• Players can no longer late-join a match where the winning team is leading by more than 30% of the score limit
• Idle player kick timer reduced to 30 seconds

Menu Changes:
• New option allows the user to launch the game and be taken directly into Multiplayer
• You can now use |d_pad_l||d_pad_r| to select booster levels and weapon/sidekick/mystical mods, for faster loadout editing
• Global leaderboard now shows percentile in the format “Top x% of all players”
• You can now scroll to the top of the leaderboard by pressing |t|

Balance Changes:
• C4 does knockdown on all levels
• Grenade knockdown radius decreased
• Hold breath underwater time reduced
• Increased damage pass-through in water
• Increased distance that bullets travel in water

Bug Fixes:
• General level exploit fixes
• Fix to players not being able to take cover in certain situations
• Remnants level update to improve performance
• Camera Control options “Acceleration Speed” and “Ramp Power Scale” will now Reset to Defaults properly
• Friend’s List performance and update improvements
• Fix to mystical/sidekick mod loadout exploit: switching to a loadout with a different sidekick / mystical mod will now wipe out any previously purchased mysticals / sidekicks
• Fixed multiple idol pick-up issues in Plunder
• Fixed bug with Combat Marking & Mark on Damage allowing Stealth users to become marked occasionally
• Late-Joiners can now properly melee a Brute
• Fixed a bug with throwing Mysticals while on a rope causing the player to re-throw the rope
• Fixed bug with Gifting booster not allowing to gift to certain players
• Fixed mystical throwing issue with alternate control scheme
• Fixed a bug where the host was unable to start custom games when clients were in a submenu
• Fixed a bug that prevented the Wrath of El Dorado from damaging enemies when the owner dies

Patch 1.11.026 (July 15, 2016)


  • Updated Uncharted TV Playlist
  • Updated Path of Indra and Harbinger Sniper videos
  • Madagascar City has been added back into the playlist rotation
  • Fixed issue causing Leaderboards to report incorrect score / minute data. As a result all leaderboards have been reset (except for Ranked TDM which was already fixed in the last patch)
  • Several adjustments to the Matchmaking system, including improved skill-matching for solo players in Matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug where Path of Indra would not work while using Legacy Controls
  • Fixed a bug where Path of Indra could cause players to teleport out of the map
  • Fixed a bug where loss of control could occur when picking up the idol immediately after it had been thrown
  • Fixed a bug where dropping from an edge could cause the character to get stuck in collision
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a loading screen when Matchmaking failed
  • Fixed a bug where the Lobby list would overlap the Loadout Edit menu during Matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug where the Lobby list wouldn’t appear after accepting an invite from the Loadout, Customization or Store menus
  • Fixed a crash by reducing memory footprint of post-launch MP items
  • Fixed a crash related to HUD messages


  • Credits updated
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some settings from properly saving to the Profile data

Patch 1.10.023 (June 30, 2016)


  • Fixed entitlement issues for PlayStation store purchases for all regions

Patch 1.09.022 (June 30, 2016)


  • Fixed Triple Pack entitlement. However the issue is only partially resolved. SCEE users are still experiencing difficulties and we are working with PSN to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Patch 1.08.022 (June 29, 2016)

Added Leveling Up System
– Level XP is earned from end game score, completing matches and earning medals
– Level icon is only visible to friends and party members

Rewards for leveling
– Relics
– Vanity Chest
– Hero Weapon Chests
– One-Use Booster Chests
– Mystical Hats and Masks

Ranked TDM changes and additions
– Apprentice Class
– Master Class
– Ranked Rewards
– Start of Season 1 which will last 60 days
– Removed ranked party restrictions
– Added Vote to forfeit option for the ranked playlist
– Ranked icon appears in the HUD while playing a ranked match

Added a new map
– Sunken Ruins

Added new Boosters
– Enhanced Radar
– Gifting
– Gunslinger
– Hardened

Added 5 new weapons
– P90 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Long gun)
– Arrowhead A3c + Mods + Hero Weapons (Long Gun)
– Enforcer G26 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Pistol)
– Agarwal .40 + Mods + Hero Weapons (Pistol)
– Harbinger Sniper (Heavy Weapon)

Added new Mystical
– Path of Indra

Added new Modifications
– Teleport to sidekicks (Path of Indra)
– Misdirection (Path of Indra)
– Quick Escape (Path of Indra)
– Revive Target (Path of Indra)

Added 4 new store chests
– DLC Vanity Chest
– DLC Premium Vanity Chest
– DLC Gameplay Chest
– Loadout Point Chest

Added 12 new bundles
– Triple Pack Bundle #1
– Breach and Clear Bundle
– Vintage Bundle
– Creepy Bundle
– Combat-Ready Bundle
– Scallywag Bundle
– Swashbuckler Bundle
– Buccaneer Bundle
– Armory Bundle #1
– Armory Bundle #2
– Git Gud Bundle
– Pirates of Libertalia Bundle

Added 7 new Private Match Options
– In Game Store on/off
– Sidekicks on/off
– Mysticals on/off
– Heavy Weapons on/off
– Cash Drip on/off
– Radar on/off
– Command Captain on/off
– Added Challenges for new content

Added new Trial
– Path of Indra Trial

Added Offline relic bonus
Added a Relic wallet cap of 10,000
Added weapon mod icons to the in game HUD
Added 29 New Medals to TDM
Added the ability to purchase items directly from Customization menu
Added editable custom loadout names
Added a Variety of UI sounds
Leaderboards reset with updated stats
Update to the dialogue system and lines of Sidekicks
Added aim sensitivity sliders
Acceleration Speed
Ramp Power Scale
Option to turn off Uncharted TV
Added new Uncharted TV videos
Updated map weightings for playlist selection
Updated descriptions for vanity items
Added Relic rewards based on previous season placement
Added new pre-set loadouts with new DLC items

Balance changes:
Changed the number of matches required to play Ranked TDM from 10 -> 5
Scoped weapons receive 10% less damage wobble when scoped in
Damage wobble dealt by automatic weapons has been reduced
Reduced blindfire rotation speed
Reduced Pistole reload speed mod
Explosive Awareness 3 LP cost reduced from 6 to 5
Mark on Damage 1 booster LP increased from 1 to 2
Mark on Damage 3 booster LP increased from 4 to 5

Mod changes:
Indra’s Eternity
– Slow Down Increase mod LP increased from 1 to 2
– Slow Down Increase mod in game price increased from $50 to $75
– Mark Targets mod LP decreased from 2 to 1
– Mark Targets mod in game price decreased from $150 to $125
Cintamani Stone
– Full Revive mod LP increased from 2 to 3
Spirit of the Djinn
– Increased Duration mod – Every player KO extends the djinn duration by 5 seconds
– Faster Movement mod in game price increased from $50 to $75
– Health Regeneration mod in game price reduced from $200 to $175
– Toss RevivePaks mod in game price increased from $50 – $75
– Silent Hunter mod LP cost increased from 1 to 2
– No Explosive Stun mod in game cost increased from $25 to $75
– No Laser Sight mod LP cost increased from 1 to 2
– Health Regeneration mod in game price reduced from $200 to $175
Mazur LDR
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Aimed Strafe Speed LP decreased 3 to 2
– Accuracy mod LP increased 3 to 4
M14 Custom
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Reload Speed LP decreased 2 to 1
Spezzotti 12 Gauge
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 4 to 3
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 2 to 1
Bishai .50 Cal
– Clip Capacity LP decreased 3 to 2
– Decreased Pistole range

Swapped Grenade upgrades 2 and 3
Brightness of the light on the mine increased
Mine collision changed to make them easier to shoot
Brute is no longer auto aware of all enemies but relies on his vision cone and awareness of owner
Savior is no longer interrupted by enemy players bumping into them
Farmer – Updated
– Level 1: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a small treasure and reduce gear resupply by 10 seconds, Deal 50% more melee damage
– Level 2: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a large treasure and reduce gear resupply by 15 seconds, Deal 50% more melee and explosive damage, Enemy Sidekick icons appear though walls at 15 meters
– Level 3: Enemy Sidekick kills/assists drop a large treasure and reduce gear resupply by 20 seconds, Deal 50% more melee and explosive damage, Enemy Sidekick icons appear though walls at 20 meters, Deal 30% more bullet damage

Bug Fixes:

We have a lot of bug fixes in this patch! Too many to list, so here are some of the most notable ones.
Leaderboard fixes
A bunch of fixes to spawn points, regions, and features on the release maps
Fixes for multiple level exploits
Visual fix for Indra’s Eternity
Fix Indra’s Eternity detonation bug (not going off immediately after landing)
Make plunder capture effects play after capture event and not in parallel
Late-joining fix
Fix to make ledge pulling/punching more consistent
In-game HUD and store now reflects if a modification is on a weapon/mystical/sidekicks
Fixes for multiple crashes
Fix for not being able to back out when late-joining a private match
Fix for player remaining in the downstate after being revived by and NPC in Trials
Fix for NPCs having trouble meleeing when checking collision
Fix idol duplication bugs and bug where the idol would spawn in front of the chest after a team scores
Fix for nametags remaining on screen when the player has died
Fix for dropping the idol when attempting to reload
Fix for in-game store becoming invisible
Fix for Parting Gift not leaving treasure for allies
Fix for Staff of Ayar Manco Challenge
Fix for Uncharted TV causing matchmaking problems
Fix for Mazur LDR not maintaining aim position when reloading while scoped in and going back into scope
Fixed exploits on Scotland, Pirate Colony, Remnants & Auction
Fixed dual idol on player selecting quit with the idol
Fixed bug where Cintamani Stone would incorrectly reward cash for players that were not downed
Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in Matchmaking loading screens if matchmaking failed during pre-match load
Adjusted nametags to be closer to player models
Fixed Drake’s XCR stat bar
Fixed display issue with endgame scoreboard showing the incorrect tab
Fixed a possible hang when leaving multiplayer

Added new Customization items:
Skins & Pre-set Outfits
Prison outfit for every skin
– Military Drake
– Pirate Drake
– Dread Pirate Drake
– Desperado Drake
– Pirate Sullivan
– Sailor Sullivan
– Scientist Sullivan
– Smoky Sullivan
– Pirate Lord Sullivan
– Pirate Elena
– Military Elena
– Explorer Elena
– Exquisite Pirate Elena
– Exporter Elena
– Sous Chef Sam
– Sideshow Sam
– Creeping Cutter
– Tavern Tenzin
– Cockpit Chloe
– Scrub Salim
– Military Lazarevic
– Lockdown Lazarevic
– Looting Lazarevic
– Military Rafe
– Regulator Rafe
– Rowdy Rafe
– Flight Suit Nadine
– Pirate Nadine
– Navigator Nadine
– Knifed Knot
– Kelvin Knot
– Off-Duty Orca
– Operator Orca
– Formal Marlowe
– Mysterious Marlowe
– Motorcycle Marlowe
– Ranger Rameses
– Pirate Eddy
– Military Eddy
– Extravagant Pirate Eddy
– Enforcer Eddy
– Pirate Flynn
– Wetsuit Flynn
– Flipper Flynn
– Fearsome Flynn
– Tauper Talbot
– Naughty Navarro
– Ruffian Roman
– Ski Mask
– Winter Goggles
– Winter Mask
– Pirate Bandana
– Newsboy
– Aussie Hat
– Pirate Hat
– Pirate Navigator
– Pirate Commodore
– Pirate Captain
Caps & Wraps
– Sailor Hat
– Desert Goggles
– Construction Helmet
– Riot Helmet
– Riot Mask
– Anti Riot Helmet
– Broken Riot Mask
– Night Goggles
– Military Helmet
– Firefighter Helmet
– RPG Helmet
– Jet Helmet
– WW1 Helmet
– Army Helmet
– Bronze Helm of Ayar
– Horned Morion of Indra
– Cintamani Crown
– Golden Crown of El Dorado
– Djinn’s Inferno
– The Eternal Face of Indra
– Djinn Skull of the Undying
Ranked Rewards
– Golden Trucker
– Platinum Trucker
– Diamond Trucker
– Master Trucker
Flag Hats
Face Wear
– Night Vision Goggles
– Sniper Mask
Pirate Eye Patch
Double Patch
Eye Patch
Metal Mask
Paintball Mask
Ballistic Mask
Scuba Face Mask
Eyes Of the Ayar
Haunted Mask of El Dorado
Indra’s Tusks
Cintamani Wreath of Amber
Ayar Mask of the Blind King
Golden Guardian of El Dorado
Djinn Breath of Fire
The Rubber Leg
Sexy Walk
Watch Me
The Shimmy
The MD
The Ranked Dab (unlocked through Ranked TDM)
Taunts with Props
Rope Jump

Weapons Skins

Scorch Rainbow
Strange Relic


Fixed camera jitter when activating an L3 Prompt
Fix for a crash
Motion Blur slider (MP & SP)

Patch 1.06.020 (June 10, 2016)


  • Workaround to prevent heavy graphical corruption which affected some some players
  • Fixed loss of profile data and added safeguards*
  • Fixed booster unlocks resetting
  • Fixed some players not being able to download live updates due to ISP caching

*We are unable to recover previously corrupted profiles. However these safe measures should prevent this issue from occurring in the future. If there is another variation of this issue that these do not cover, please leave a report in the feedback forum listed below of what happened to you.

Patch 1.05.016 (MAY 27, 2016)


  • Fixed major networking issues*
  • Fixed an animation exploit for taunts
  • Fixed Party Join issue
  • Age Restriction settings adjusted for several countries
    • Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

*A couple of notes regarding the “major networking issues”:

  • We expect to see a dramatic reduction of “white-plug” errors occurring for those with adequate connections
  • We have also made changes that should help address the appearance of Invisible/Invincible enemies due to networking errors

Patch 1.04.014 (MAY 20, 2016)


  • Fixed minor aim acceleration issue
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when carrying an object
  • Fixed a texture crash
  • Fixed party join parameters to disallow joining a party that is in matchmaking
  • Fixed Invite Only party setting to properly allow invited players
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when picking up the idol while taking cover
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get into unintended areas while in water
  • Fixed language loading issue
  • Updated HUD so Marking only shows the arrow and not show the player’s name
  • Fixed crash for Uncharted TV


  • Fixed a progression stopper where an IGC doesn’t trigger in Cave
  • Fixed a crash in the tower basement

Patch 1.03.012 (MAY 12, 2016)


  • Various Localization updates


  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed particle sync issue



  • Gameplay crash fixes
  • Fix for Entitlement Limits being reached causing users to not see Uncharted Points they had purchased
  • Enabled a pop-up to appear while in the menus to inform users of new updates
  • Fix for Challenge completed pop-up appearing after already completing the challenge
  • Fix for Loadout Point unlocks not triggering properly
  • Fix for store item descriptions
  • Leaderboard text fixes
  • Fix for post-game medal description
  • Added Leaderboards menu item to matchmaking page so players can check out their leaderboard stats while in matchmaking
  • Fixed booster level issue for late-joiners
  • Sniper Sidekick – Path of Indra mod now plays sound properly when Sniper teleports
  • Timer display error fix for Matchmaking lobby
  • Fix for private match settings not being visible after viewing previous game results
  • Fixed crash that can occur during the end game scoreboard

Ranked TDM

  • Fix for team favor display for when teams are evenly matched in Ranked TDM
  • Fix for rank point bug where players were incorrectly getting penalized for both win/loss
  • Rank progress is now displayed when browsing the Ranked TDM playlist, before entering
  • Lowered the max rank that can be achieved after initial placement matches from Gold I to Gold III


  • Fix for a crash that occurs during a game of Command
  • Fix for store prices sometimes being improper while being a Captain
  • Fix for contested status icon not updating properly
  • Fix for late-join player seeing improper status icon


  • Fix for the idol respawn timer not appearing properly
  • Fix for weapon gameplay issues while hodling the idol
  • Treasure chest, player starting spawns, & idol spawn locations tweaked
  • Fix for idol pickup causing loss of functionality
  • Fix for scoring animation playing improperly
  • Fix for throwing animation playing improperly


  • Fix for sniper rifle scope-in times
  • Fix for weapon progression being inappropriately earned
  • Fix for starting ammo mod on some weapons


  • Spirit of the Djinn
    • Fix for timer not working properly
    • Fix for FX not deactivating properly
    • Fix for improperly turning off during to network errors
    • Fix for icon not clearing properly when a player dies while it is active
    • Fix for not being able to purchase while wating to respawn
  • Staff of Ayar Manco received a decrease in the amount of points it contributes towards your Support Score

Patch 1.02.008 (MAY 9, 2016)


  • Fixed the order of the weapon listings to match their unlock order
  • Fixed a minor HUD issue
  • Updated low bandwidth criterias
  • Updated party skill multiplier
  • Fixed end-game VOX issues
  • Press Circle while falling/climbing to buffer a roll when landing
  • All taunts can now be interrupted
  • An attached rope will now unattach when melee/roll/reload is pressed (in addition to aim & blind/hip firing)
  • Starting a chargel melee will no longer have the rope attach first
  • Sidekicks
    • Mods made available for unlock
    • All sidekicks no longer regen health without a mod
    • Savior
      • Disappears when you are KO;d and respawns with you
      • Updated follow logics to that it remains closer to owner
    • Sniper
      • Will no longer fire a shot when player is rolling
      • Fixed beam logic so that player is better aware of when being targeted
      • Tuned firing patter so that it’s less aggressive
    • Brute
      • Damage from explosives has been tuned
      • Mobility has been improved
    • Hunter
      • Evade more often when being aimed at
      • Lowered the number of hits it takes to escape a grab
  • Mysticals
    • Mods made available for unlock
    • Wrath of El Dorado
      • Mystical cannot be purchased again while one is active
    • Cintamani Stone
      • Revives allies to 40% health
    • Indra’s Eternity
      • Receive 2 for every purchase
      • Fixed issue where the detonation would be delayed and will now detonate at point of impact and not on the ground
      • Decreased level of slow down
      • Marks opponents for 2 seconds
    • Spirit of the Djinn
      • Mystical cannot be purchased again while one is active
      • Teleport speed will now fatigue
      • Default deuratio nhas been decreased
      • Indra’s Eternity will slow down the Djinn state but teleport is still possible
    • Staff of Ayar Manco
      • Mystical cannot be purchased again while one is active
  • Gear
    • Grenade
      • Increase to 4 loadout points
    • RevivePak
    • Smoke Bomb
      • Cash is awarded for charged melee attacks in a Smoke Bomb cloud
    • Mine
      • Brightness increased
      • Removed upgrade that disabled blinking light
    • C4
      • Reduced to 2 loadout points
      • Radius increased


  • Photo Mode fix for using scoped weapons


  • Various Localization updates

Patch 1.01.001 (MAY 3, 2016)


  • Adds Multiplayer


  • Single Player ‘Encounter Select’ menu
  • Bonus feature: ‘Photo Mode’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Character Model Viewer’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Render Modes’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Gameplay Modes’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Singleplayer Character Skins’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Weapon Selector’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Journal Viewer’
  • Bonus feature: ‘Concept Art Galleries’
  • General fixes and improvements

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