Naughty Dog will be rolling out a new Block Mesh Lab map for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer.

Block Mesh Lab map was made by QA Specialist Shawn Henshaw, it is similar to the map which was released during holidays last year. Block Mesh is a “smaller map with two main bases, close quarters and some prime sniper towers.”

Block Mesh Lab map

The developer confirmed that the festive holiday items that were available for free during Christmas are now available as Tournament rewards. They also updated the DLC switch priority the people who own UC3’s Map Pack DLC will be given priority.

Previously, Naughty Dog reveled The Last of Us Box Art and Pre-order Bonuses.

It’ll go live tomorrow (January 9th) after 6:30pm PST Wednesday. Naughty Dog also promised some major Uncharted 3 news in few weeks.


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