Naughty Dog’s action-adventure third-person shooter, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves influenced Ready at Dawn to go ahead with third-person shooter, The Order: 1886.

Uncharted 2’s feeling after completing the game inspired Ready at Dawn co-founder Ru Weerasuriya to create the game.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

“It’s that emotion they created in people, I remember even before the first Uncharted was released, internally there were talks of it. We know the Naughty Dog guys really well. They’re very close to where we are and very close to us in so many ways as a team.

We realized what they were trying to create. The first one came out and they were setting up an IP. And then with the second game suddenly they created an emotion in people of that Hollywood blockbuster,” Weerasuriya told Eurogamer.

He says, “We’re not trying to emulate things they’ve done moment to moment. We’re trying to give people that similar sense of entertainment. Entertainment comes in big Hollywood blockbusters and small indie movies – it’s that. Games don’t do that enough.

Sometimes you get just stuck in one gameplay sequence or one thing you do all the way through. They gave us a multitude of things that created a whole. Once you played the game you felt, wow, that was a great ride. That’s where the inspiration came from.”

“It was one of the first times in my life when I felt, wow, you know what? That was an amazing ride. There was no single moment when I was like, that was just cool and that’s the thing I love.

The feeling at the end was, I just want more of this. This is what I want to do. This is what gaming is for me. That’s what drove us to do this,” Weerasuriya added.

The Order: 1886 is scheduled to be released in 2014 for PlayStation 4.


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Source: Eurogamer.

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