New job listing posted on Treyarch’s official website has revealed that Treyarch is working on a next generation Call of Duty title, the post is looking for development talent to aid in “bringing our hugely successful game to a new console.” Is this more Xbox 720 and PS4 confirmation?

The full description reads: “Treyarch is seeking a Senior Platform Engineer for a position on the team bringing our hugely successful game to a new console.  This engineer will work in graphics, the content pipeline, optimization, and tools.  He or she will bring breadth and depth in programming to solve a variety of problems and ship a high quality game.”

While the massively popular military shooter wasn’t named, the ad, which calls for a senior software engineer, says the successful applicant will be involved in “bringing our hugely successful game to a new console.”

Treyarch Working on Next Gen Call of Duty Title 2

Obviously, Treyarch has become synonymous with the Call of Duty brand, especially after last year’s entry, Black Ops, which has shifted a mammoth 25 million units worldwide. Could we be looking at a Black Ops port, or a new title?

While no formal announcements have been made by anyone other than Nintendo at this point when it comes to next generation hardware, it could be that Treyarch is getting a headstart to make sure that Call of Duty retains it’s crown when the “Xbox 720” and “PS4” hit the stores.

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