Naughty Dog will live stream The Last of Us Remastered showing off the new improved features in the PlayStation 4 port.

“We’ll be revealing some upcoming DLC and streaming a basic introduction to the multiplayer mode, Factions.

We plan to show off the new features for PS4 as well as give our primer for those not familiar with the mode on Thursday July 24 at 11:30am PST and 5:30pm PST,” said the developer.

You can watch the live stream below:

The game designer Quentin Cobb and lead multiplayer designer, Erin Daly explain the faction mode:

Quentin Cobb: “We wanted the online multiplayer to focus on the larger story of the player representing a faction (Fireflies or Hunters) and rebuilding their own clan in that faction.

This grounds the online matches in a world where each player is fighting for the survival of their clan and therefore gives each match more weight and importance.”

Erin Daly: “The name Factions came from what we call the ‘metagame’. Instead of just earning XP and ranking up like most multiplayer games, when you start multiplayer you are put in charge of a small group of survivors trying to stay alive and grow their numbers.

To make progress you must ally yourself with one of the major factions from the single player game – the Hunters, a rag-tag group of brutal killers, or the Fireflies, a more well-equipped resistance group that is still trying to find a cure for the infection.

As you progress events will occur that put your survivors at risk and require you to complete missions during your multiplayer matches to keep them alive. You must survive for 12 weeks with either the Hunters or Fireflies to beat the metagame.”

The Last of Us Remastered launches on July 29 in North America and July 30, 2014 in Europe.


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