Naughty Dog revealed the launch trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC to mark the release of single-player DLC tomorrow.

ND team “continues to explore the themes of survival, loyalty, and love in their first ever single player DLC.”

Left Behind tells the story of Ellie and Riley. It continues the themes of survival, loyalty, and love that we explored in the full game. We wanted to dig deeper into the events that transformed Ellie into the fighter players were introduced to on her fateful meeting with Joel.

What does it mean for two teenagers to survive in a world that offers little hope? How far will you go to save yourself? How far will you go to save the ones you love?

While you might think you know how Left Behind ends, there are plenty of surprises and insights into who Ellie is. Fans of The Last of Us will not want to miss this new chapter that ties directly into the main story,” wrote Creative Director, Neil Druckmann on PSblog.

The Last of Us also gets Patch 1.06 (103 MB) globally later today (“If you are already logged in, please be sure to quit out to the XMB and back into The Last of Us to receive the patch”). You’ll need to download the patch to play Left Behind DLC.

The Last of Us: Left Behind drops tomorrow at 6.00am GMT/1.00am EST globally weighing at 5GB. It is included in the The Last of Us Season Pass or you can buy the single-player DLC for $14.99.


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Source: PSblog.

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