You’re a budding lead female or male singer-songwriter trying to do everything to reach the top. You have an exceptional music profile; with brilliant songs, professional CDs, clean profile, work extremely hard, committed, dedicated and talented musician. However, why is it that you meet every wrong ‘businessman’ in the music industry? Here are some help points to make you aware of whom to avoid.

Time-wasters can also be threatening, as they may be looking for the next-not-so-clued-up-musician that has not registered and copy written their songs. Musicians copyright all your songs for mechanical and performance purposes. That way if anyone tries to steal anything, you can use your legitimate files as evidence that these songs are yours and yours alone.

Email requests for using your songs on unknown online radio stations, for unknown publishing or licensing opportunities – ignore them. You can find out most information by searching online about a company or the person that contacted you successfully. The other option is to post it onto a music forum or call them. So many people trust an email and the internet as a reliable source, but sometimes you have to just pick up the phone. If they do not have a phone number – do not waste anymore time.

The same goes for the musicians you hire to be in your band. Some musicians will say they can do this or that just to have a job as a musician – fact is you are either self-trained or fully trained to be a musician period. For those half-hearted effort-makers, ditch them because whom you associate with is the representation of who you are. If you have a drummer that cannot keep tempo, imagine how the band will sound? Not good, making you look not good and your songs that you spent hours composing will be seen as not good either. Spend time with people who you make you shine and you in turn make them shine.

After your shows audience members will approach you; some to say congratulations and feedback what they thought of your music and others to say ‘hey, I know someone who works for Sony/BMG, maybe I can help.’ Every musician that has been on the road for a while will have heard this line time and time Female Singers again. The thing is you never know, maybe they are genuine. So advice is to take their details and send your press pack to them the next day and follow it up a couple of times. Last attempt is to say, ‘hey you know this contact of yours, please can you introduce them on email?’. If you still hear nothing from this person, do not waste your time.

As much as the big guys from the big labels seem unreachable, if you are any good eventually your songs will be in their hands for consideration. Stick with who is who is the business. Buy books on who the main contacts are. That way you will not waste your time.

Author Bio: Jenni is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

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