PlayStation 3 players reported ‘The Last of Us’ auto-save bug which was wiping out gameplay progress since your last manual save.

The Last of Us developer, Naughty Dog‘s updated fans on twitter:

And Sony said that the problem was in their servers and issued a statement:

“Some players may have been encountering an issue with The Last of Us which affected the autosave feature, which can result in a loss of progress in the single-player campaign.

The team at Naughty Dog has been diligently investigating as soon as we heard from our community, and we have determined the cause to be on servers for The Last of Us which were capturing player statistics.

We have made a change to ours to address this issue. All players should quit any game in progress out to the XMB and restart The Last of Us. All players can now enjoy single-player and online multiplayer matches as normal.

We will continue to monitor forums and social media, and investigate any other issues that may present themselves.”

Let us know in the comments if you encounter any further issues with the game, we’ll send it over to ND.


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