Naughty Dog is celebrating Fourth of July (Independence Day), a federal holiday in the United States; by holding multiplayer events for The Last of Us and Uncharted 3.

Introducing the first supply drop event for The Last of Us multiplayer and a Rare Treasure drop event for Uncharted 3 this week.

The Last of Us And Uncharted 3 Event

The Last of Us Supply Drop event will add more parts to supplies conversion and helps you to ‘grow your clan to be healthy and large’. Additionally, since you’ll unlock items when you clan size increases, you’ll be able to unlock more multiplayer content more quickly.

However, ND didn’t make any changes to the ‘number of supplies an enemy will drop when they are killed.’ “You’ll have to play well and strategically to maximize the supplies you’ll earn during this event.”

“Uncharted 3’s Rare Treasure Drop event applies to both co-op and competitive game types. ND is giving you the opportunity to fill up your treasure chest with new treasures by playing the game during the event to earn them.

After releasing patch 1.02 for The Last of UsNaughty Dog is working to hard to fix the bugs and tweak the game, as well as the DLC’s.

For Uncharted 3 front, ND will revising the Lab calendar and is planning on rolling out some more lab maps. Today they changed the Lab playlist to have different Lab Maps. and Dodgeball Lab will remain in the game.

The events start now and will run until Monday July 8, 2013 at 12:00 GMT. Start playing now and Happy Fourth of July!


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Source: Naughty Dog

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