Microsoft created a mildly amusing parody video making fun of the Google Gmail system of looking at the content of your email and producing targeted ads based on the content. While the video is kind of funny, it highlights a variation in the approaches Google takes versus Microsoft.

Recently the company held its annual Global Exchange sales conference to help its sales reps sell Microsoft products. One of Microsoft’s efforts to help its sales reps at the conference better represent its new cloud based Office 365 software suite is shown above; a sitcom parody that features “GMail Man”.

Being an advertising company, Google produces products designed to get as many eyeballs on their ads as possible. Microsoft sells software and advertising is a sideline item. An Office 365 subscription is the Microsoft competitor to Google’s Google Apps and costs a minimum of $6/month for small businesses. A limited free version costs nothing for Windows Live users.

The Gmail Man video was designed to inspire their employees responsible for promoting the Office 365 product. According to ZDNet the video was leaked by one attendee at the Microsoft Global Exchange conference where the video was shown. When asked if the video was legitimate, Microsoft’s official response was “no comment.”

Checkout the Video below