Ubisoft released the launch trailer for the second expansion of their action-driving game, The Crew.

“Street racers and cops begin a nationwide face-off today in Calling All Units, the second major expansion for The Crew.

Giving players the chance to swap between both sides of the law, it’s a chance to turn on the siren and chase down street racers in high-performance police vehicles, or to outrun the cops in new cargo-smuggling challenges.

In addition to letting players chase each other anywhere, anytime across The Crew’s gigantic US map, Calling All Units features a new 12-mission storyline that follows elite officer Clara Washington as she works to take down street racers nationwide.

Complete with new vehicles, parts, and a level cap of 60, the expansion also spikes its chases with new special abilities for cops and racers that include flashbangs, EMP blasts, unlimited nitro, and more.”

You can secure your The Crew Ultimate Edition here, it includes the main game, Wild Run expansion, the Calling All Units expansion, and the Season Pass vehicles with their customization options.

The game’s level cap also has been raised to 60.

The Crew Calling All Units released on November 29, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Crew: Calling All Units Launch Trailer 4
The Crew: Calling All Units Launch Trailer 5
The Crew: Calling All Units Launch Trailer 6

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