According to Total War: Rome II campaign designer Dom Starr, PC gaming isn’t in any danger of dying.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Starr said, “I think that’s ridiculous. If anything, the fact that the new console, PS4, seems to pretty much be an adapted PC just goes to show that the platform is strong and [we’re] likely to not see the death of it any time soon.”

when asked if Total War will be released on console, he said, “I believe the canned-response to that tends to be it’s always something that’s being considered and it’s a possibility, but beyond that no comment.”

“Personally I think it would be nice to have Total War on console, get the experience to people who aren’t necessarily PC gamers.”

“You’d have to adapt a fair bit if for a joypad controller. Something like the Wii U might be easier to do some – drawing battle lines, moving the units around in a bit more of an organic way or you could conceivably use it more like a mouse or a trackpad on a laptop.

And in that case I suppose maybe you’re just looking at a PC hooked up to a television and it would work in much the same way, Starr concluded.

Total War: Rome II is set for release on PC in 2013.


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