PlayStation 4 – ‘The PlayRoom’ Trailer

PlayStation 4 – ‘The PlayRoom’ Trailer

Sony released a new trailer for their PlayStation 4 augmented reality experience ‘The PlayRoom’ during the Japan conference.

The Playroom combines PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4 controller to make a motion-controlled play and presents you with a number of augmented reality toys. The robot interacts with you by scanning your face and creates other illusions.

“The PlayRoom is pre-installed on the PlayStation 4. The Dualshock 4’s Light Bar is tracked by the PlayStation 4 Camera which allows you to make cool augmentations like these holographic panels, which come out of the controller and appear around you on the screen.

Using the Touch Pad, you can scroll through them and click to make selections. It’s easy to use and very responsive, thanks to the high resolution of the Touch Pad. You can summon Asobi the sci-fi genie by rubbing the Touch Pad like a magic lamp, an interactive flying robot who comes out to play in your living room.

He recognizes you and other people. Of course, you can touch him, push him about and even stroke his sensors! But being a prototype robot, he still has a few unexpected mood swings, so better not tease him too much or he might get cranky and get back at you!

Next, you can use a pair of DualShock 4 controllers and combine them to create new gameplay and the last on are the little AR Bots. They get beamed down into the controller. As they do, you really get that feeling that the controller is filling up with lots of small tumbling bodies.

Thanks to DualShock 4 controller’s Dual Motors and Speaker in tandem that creates that tactile illusion. You can peek inside the controller and look at those guys having a secret party: a quick roll left and right, a big shake and you send them off flying, with each movement of the controller accurately translated on the screen.

You can also flick on the Touch Pad and you can send them out flying and landing in your living room. AR Bots react to your touch and people’s movement in the room. They see your face so you can play “peek-a-boo!” and give them the scare of their life.”

PlayStation 4 launch on November 15, 2013 in Canada and the U.S, November 29, 2013 in Europe for $399/ €399/£349.


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