THQ’s released some properly mental gameplay footage for upcoming Saints Row: The Third.

The new gameplay video for Volition’s upcoming Saints Row: The Third gives us a sneak peek at various ways you can commit genocide in the game with whole bunch of the crazy stuff you will be able to get upto. The Saints Row series is famous for being a less serious take on open-world gaming, and in the past they have poked fun at Rockstar games for being too serious. In that vein, the video just released includes such weapons as the Apoca-Fists – a pair of gloves that make your punches so explosive, your enemies explode, and also shows the player beating homeless people with a huge purple sex toy.

If you ever fantasised about beating people to death with a giant purple dildo then this game is for you, so you can play it in mental institution where you belong. Saints Row: The Third, GTA’s evil twin brother the game will let you drive tanks to cause as much chaos as you can, you can also fly jets and fire homing missiles and microwave lasers at the poor unsuspecting npc’s below. But my favourite thing in this video is the Super Balistic Man-o-Pult, basically its a truck which lets you vacuum up pedestrians from the street just to fire them as human cannon balls across the map. Beautiful.

Saints Row: The Third – First Gameplay Footage, Impressive 1


Also on show is a Tank Mayhem mini-game, where players must cause as much destruction as possible in the city – whilst driving a tank, it shows how costume customisation works in the many shops around the city, and also goes through some of the incredible vehicles that are at the disposal of the Third City Saints. This is all handled with the typical Saints Row sense of humour, and goes a long way to illustrate just how silly a game it is going to be.

Pre-Order Saints Row: The Third due for release on November 18th 2011 & will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360.

Saints Row: The Third – First Gameplay Footage, Impressive 2Saints Row: The Third – First Gameplay Footage, Impressive 3


So check it out below:


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