Black Rock Studio and Disney Interactive’s Split Second is one of a great racing games that struggled to find an audience (Disney’s Pure and Activision’s Blur being two others). Now some assets from the now-canceled Split Second 2 have leaked online.

The Black Rock studio was closed at the beginning of the month after a reduction in staff previously lead to the cancellation of Split Second 2, despite critical acclaim. More recently, ‘Disney Interactive Studios announced their intent to enter a consultation process on the proposal to close the studios’. 


Take a look at the leaked Split/Second 2 assets below, which depict the driver and technician characters.

Remains & Assets From Split Second 2 Leaked 1

Remains & Assets From Split Second 2 Leaked 2

It’s nice to know thatSplit / Second 2 was a reality once upon a time, maybe someday it will resurface, But not today. Split / Second 2 is still very much dead, rotting away in the depths of a video game scrapheap.

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