Sony Computer Entertainment has registered domains for The Last of Us sequel and The Order: 1866.

According to Kotaku,,,, and were privately registered through SCEA’s domain registrar, indicating that the game is being developed in America.

PS logo 3

The privately registered handle has also registered, and This doesn’t come as a surprise though, because big firms register domains as a precautionary measure, and domains doesn’t confirm plans for sequels.

However, Naughty Dog does have a history of creating biggest franchises for PlayStation, that includes Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter & Uncharted. They might do the same with their upcoming action-adventure survival horror video game, The Last of Us.

The playable demo of the game included with God of War: Ascension will go live on May 31.

The Last of Us will hit stores worldwide on June 14, 2013, exclusive for PlayStation 3.

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Source: Kotaku