Now that this year’s International Comic-Con is officially over, there are many ways to look back at the yearly event in which so many movies, games, and the like are announced or, at least, hinted at.

And in the case of this post, the focus remains solely on the very brief preview of an upcoming film based on Skull Island, also known as the piece of land over which King Kong resides.

More specifically, we’re taking a look at whether or not this movie, could lead to another video game entry for the great ape.

According to Hollywood Life, the recently announced movie is titled Skull Island and is set for release on Nov. 4, 2016. That’s 11 years after the previous film based on the island its gigantic ruler—director Peter Jackson’s King Kong—and it couldn’t arrive at a better time.

Now that Godzilla has been reborn, it’s only right that his hairy counterpart receive the same treatment. Now, reports on the Skull Island reveal are slim when it comes to details on the film because the trailer was so short.

However, they did indicate that a monstrous beast’s silhouette was seen and that it resembled King Kong. Whether or not this means the film is a reboot in the giant ape’s franchise remains to be seen.

The same sentiment goes for the future of King Kong in video games—as in, will he or won’t he get the new game he deserves? If Skull Island gets the same push that the 2005 reboot of King Kong did, chances are very likely that gamers will be playing as the big gorilla within the next few years.

You see, that 2005 film was accompanied by a mostly well-received video game depicting the same events through the lens of both King Kong and the film’s protagonist/main hero, Jack Driscoll. It’s unlikely that the same human characters from the King Kong franchise will show up again.

Yet, chances are some other humans will find a way to the island, but that’s beside the point because we simply don’t know enough about the new movie yet. Speaking speculatively, though, we’re expecting a group of people to show up on King Kong’s stomping grounds. And when they do, we get the feeling it’ll make for a killer video game experience.

It does seem, however, that fans of King Kong are more likely to run into a new game featuring the monster either online or on their phones as opposed to traditional methods.

For example, movie tie-in games are all the rage right now, as everything from the RoboCop remake to the latest Hunger Games installment have been turned into games for smartphones. And if it doesn’t happen there, one can look to the online game sphere and surely find the giant app within those virtual walls.

If you need proof, search no further than Betfair’s slots, which feature the Skull Island monster reigning over his own game.

In fact, it’s modeled after the 2005 movie, which gives even more weight to the idea that Playtech—the company behind many of Betfair and other companies’ games—will create a slot experience modeled after this newly announced film.

What do you, the reader, think of this news? Do you also think it’s likely that Skull Island will receive a tie-in? And if so, will it be purely on smartphones/websites or should we expect a console game? Let us know in the comments!


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