Microsoft released a trailer. revealed the cast list and release date for Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter, Quantum Break.

“Play the game to understand the heroes… and watch the in-game show to discern the villains.

You’ll navigate epic scenes of destruction, experience time-amplified gameplay, and marvel at a top-quality show that is directly impacted by what you do,” noted Xbox Wire.

Quantum Break’s cast includes:

  • Shawn Ashmore (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”) as Jack Joyce
    Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”) as William Joyce
    Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”) as Paul Serene
    Lance Reddick (“Fringe”) as Martin Hatch
    Marshall Allman (“True Blood”) as Charlie Wincott
    Patrick Heusinger (“Black Swan”) as Liam Burke
    Mimi Michaels (“The Ugly Truth”) as Fiona Miller
    Amelia Rose Blaire (“True Blood”) as Amy Ferraro
    Brooke Nevin as Emily Burke
    Courtney Hope as Beth Wilder
    Jacqueline Pinol as Sofia Amaral
    Jeannie Bolet as Kate Ogawa
    Sean Durrie as Nick Marsters

“The game follows Quantum Break‘s hero, Jack Joyce, as he desperately struggles to prevent the end of time, while the show revolves around the conspiracies and intrigue within the villainous corporation called Monarch Solutions, Jack’s main enemy.

Together, they form an intertwining narrative where the actions you take directly impact how the story across both the game and the show unfolds.”

Quantum Break will launch on April 5, 2016 for Xbox One.


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