Quantic Dream has wrapped motion capture for their upcoming neo-noir thriller video game, Detroit: Become Human.

The French developer broke the news on twitter: “Valorie Curry (Kara) Last take. Finished on time to celebrate her birthday”

Quantic Dream Wraps Mo-Cap For Detroit: Become Human 4
Quantic Dream Wraps Mo-Cap For Detroit: Become Human 5
Quantic Dream Wraps Mo-Cap For Detroit: Become Human 6

American film and television actress, Valorie Curry stars as Kara, a newly created android with artificial consciousness who discovers how it is to live among humans and struggles to find her place in a world where androids are still not conscious and utilised as servants.

Curry is notable known for her roles in the series Veronica Mars and the films The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and Blair Witch.

She also starred on the Fox television series The Following and in the 2012 PlayStation 3 tech-demo “Kara” by Quantic Dream which gave us the first look at her as the titular character, a worker android gaining consciousness, a role she will reprise in Detroit: Become Human.

The game also features Bryan Dechart as Connor, an advanced police model android tasked with hunting down androids that have mysteriously deviated from their programmed behaviors.

Quantic Dream built a new engine to complement the game and cast hundreds of actors from Los Angeles, London and Paris before commencing a year-and-a-half-long process of shooting and animation. David Cage took over two years to finish the script.

Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s PlayStation 4 exclusive title is gearing up for E3 2017, we will surely get an update at expo, stay tuned.

Detroit: Become Human is currently in development for PlayStation 4, a release date is yet to be revealed.

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