French video game developer, Quantic Dream has teased some great news is coming in January.

The developer known for popular PlayStation exclusive interactive drama action-adventure titles – Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls.

Quantic Dream Teases Some Great News For January 1

Quantic Dream community executive took to Facebook to tease an announcement, “Some great news coming in January!”, reads the post.

Looks like the team might announce Beyond: Two Souls Remastered, since PS4 Trophies leaked online in September 2014.

What do you think they have in store for us? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Beyond: Two Souls “features psychological, spiritual and thriller elements, centered around questions about what happens after death.

The game lets the player take Jodie Holmes through 15 years of her life (ages 8 through 23) on a journey to discover the true meaning of the entity Aiden, who has been alongside her throughout her life.”

Beyond: Two Souls sold more than a million copies worldwide, when it hit the stores on October 8, 2013 for PlayStation 3 console.


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