DICE will again use PunkBuster as main technology to fight against cheaters in Battlefield 3.

Russian Battlefield fansites battlefieldbc.ru and bf3.com.ua had the opportunity to do an interview via podcast with Eugene ‘Joe’ Olenev, Russian Battlefield Community Manager.

Basically nothing new was revealed except the fact that PunkBuster was confirmed to be DICE’s Anti-Cheat tool.

– Hitboxes are much improved in comparison with BFBC2.
– Recoil is really hard and needs to get used to.
– The closed betatest for MoH owners will be held but no word on date yet.
– There will be ingame VOIP.
– The anticheat system is PunkBuster. 
– There are three slots for weapon customization.
– Character customization will be up but no word on details.
– BF3 will be greatly optimized. DICE is willing to optimize it for all platforms and hardware.
– System specs won`t be “fantastic”. They will be reasonable.
– The feeling of BF3 is truly different. It`s not BF2 and not BFBC2.
– BF3 will be highly cybersports-oriented.
– There`s no final decision about commo-rose at DICE. 
– There`s closed area at DICE office where people work on unannounced project ;) .
– Battlelog is a web-application for BF3.


Unfortunately Battlefield 3 won’t be available via Steam. I hope they make it available before the release.

Battlefield 3 is due out on the 28th of October on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Punkbuster Confirmed for Battlefield 3 3Punkbuster Confirmed for Battlefield 3 4

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