Bethesda Softworks released a new video for their upcoming first-person sci-fi action shooter, Prey giving us a guided tour of Talos I.

“The aliens have escaped containment and taken over Talos I. But Prey isn’t only about fighting an invasion.

And it’s not just an epic journey to figure out who you are, what you’re doing aboard this space station, and how you’ll save humanity from the Typhon threat.

Prey is also about the space station itself. A shining testament to mankind’s unbridled ambitions, Talos I is more than the setting for Prey.

It’s also full of secrets to discover and hidden layers to uncover. But, most of all, Talos I poses a unique threat to the player all by itself.”

The team gives us additional info on the space station:

From the grandiose lobby – built with materials that have no business being aboard a space station – to the industrial inner workings of the space station, Talos I has something different around every turn.

“The Crew Quarters is one of my favorite areas,” says Lead Producer Susan Kath. “I would love to stay there for the night –setting aside the fact that it’s infested with aliens. I would love to visit the Yellow Tulip and hang out and have a drink and look out into space.”

The creature comforts of the Crew Quarters stand in stark contrast to the utilitarian nature of the G.U.T.S., which Lead Visual Designer Manu Petit describes as the most functional part of the space station.

“It’s like a highway that goes through a city,” he says. “It branches to each hub of the space station and you use this tunnel to deliver cargo or oxygen or stuff like that. The zero-G navigation also makes it completely unique.”

Early on, the entire station opens up for players to explore in almost any manner they like. “We call it an ‘open space station’ game,” says Lead Designer Ricardo Bare.

“It’s a self-contained world, very richly detailed, but eventually the player has the means to go all over the space station.” As Morgan Yu, players can move freely throughout Talos I, and even return to previously explored areas to find big changes depending on how the story unfolds – or what actions the player has taken.

Players can even go outside the space station and fly around in zero-G, using the exterior to navigate to a different area or to find additional secrets hidden outside Talos I.

“Talos I is an amazing sandbox,” says Lead Gameplay Designer Seth Shain. “We have a huge diversity of locations.” Perhaps most important of all, these locations have only just been touched by the alien infestation.

“When the player first gets to see Talos I, something horrible just happened,” says Creative Director Raphael Colantonio. “It’s a state of chaos. Everything has gone wrong on board the space station.” That’s also why you’ll find pockets of survivors throughout Talos I, many of whom you can help – or ignore if you prefer.

As Bare explains, Prey is not a game where the player shows up to comb through the wreckage months after a terrible event occurred. “We wanted to do something more immediate,” he says.

“If you imagine the outbreak is this wave that is moving in front of you, the player is just moments behind the wave. It’s not like the space station has been decaying out here, derelict for 50 years.”

“Just before you arrive this place was very much alive and had its own ecosystem and rules,” Colantonio adds.

“Now you have to survive. You have to make decisions about what you want to do with the space station. You have to unwrap all the layers of the story and find your way out.”

You can try the game before the official release, download the demo on April 27, it features the opening hour of Prey and will available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Prey will release worldwide on May 5, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Prey - A Guided Tour of Talos I 4
Prey - A Guided Tour of Talos I 5
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