EA’s Steam-challenging Origin digital distribution service will begin selling third-party titles from November, Origin currently has over six million subscribers and is required to play Battlefield 3 on the PC. 

Joining Battlefield 3 are Warner Bros’ Batman: Arkham City and THQ’s Saints Row: The Third, both of which are the very definition of “eagerly awaited.” These will join some “top new releases” from the publishers, but there’s no word on what these are. EA hasn’t disclosed if Warner Bros or THQ’s back catalogues will show up on the service.

Discussing the new agreement, Warner Bros. Senior Vice President for Digital Games Greg Ballard stated the company were “very pleased to partner with EA and have Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s key PC titles available on Origin”. “In growing our digital offerings for consumers we want to give fans increased access to critically acclaimed titles such as Batman: Arkham City” Ballard further stated.

EA’s Origin To Offer Third-Party Titles Starting Next Month 1

EA has hinted that third-party content would be joining the service since the summer, and as recently as September said the content would arrive “very soon.”

EA Origin senior vice president David DeMartini said: “Since launch, we’ve had overwhelming support from both publishers and developers across the gaming industry, recognizing Origin as an opportunity to deliver more of their great content straight to consumers across the globe.

“We’re excited to welcome Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, THQ and Capcom as the first publishers to offer their games via Origin.”

Would you be willing to give Origin a shot if the selection of titles continues to expand, or are you content with your current digital distribution service?

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