Ubisoft aims to seamlessly integrate the open-world gameplay and the scripted narrative, while blurring the lines between the co-op and solo experiences in Far Cry 4, according to creative director, Alex Hutchinson.

Far Cry 4 has everything you want from a game set in Himalayas like riding an elephant or buzzard, new set of weapons, all-new tools and more. “But I don’t believe that’s what’s going to get someone new to pick up the game,” said Hutchinson.

He adds, “Players are looking for new emotions and new fantasies.” The game brings in a nwe co-op mode, where you can bring a friend into Kyrat to help you liberate outposts, hunt, uncover secrets and gain experience.

Together you can explore the vast open-world. or, as Hutchinson says “All of the fun of Far Cry 3, now with your best friend.

So you can bring that person into the open world and you can goof around with all the tools and all the toys.”

He goes on, “We have weaponized elephants, honey badgers, helicopters, all that sort of stuff, but the real fun is doing it with your buddy. The simultaneous use of everything that you had before and the new stuff.

FC4 is a little bit eccentric. It’s a little bit outlandish. It’s about building your own story, creating your own adventure.”

Executive Producer, Dan Hay adds, “Now when you meet a character in the open world, you’ll have the context, the relevance of what they’re doing and how it ties to the moments that you’re having.”

“We’ve been working a lot on making the world cohesive. Why are the villains there? Where do they live? Where do they work? Making sure there are more NPCs, not just people waiting to die in army costumes. Making the world feel like a real place,” says Hutchinson.

The team is working to deliver a fantastical experience in Far Cry 4, “We didn’t want to make it about you. We didn’t want the player fantasy to be: Hey, this is you in this faraway place, says narrative director Mark Thompson.

A game like Far Cry is about escapism and adventure and a promise of going somewhere exotic and having new experiences. And part of that escapism is living outside of your own experience.”

Thompson says, Far Cry 4 is “about exploration, it’s about discovering new things around every corner. It’s about the dynamic interaction of all of these different systems.

All of the different outputs that can help. The incredible things that happen when the ecosystem meets the humans in the different biomes and the crazy personal stories that people take away.

When you think about what makes a location interesting, it’s got to have a great culture. It’s got to be steeped in history, because it’s about discovery and exploration.

It’s got to have interesting and unique profiles for the animals. It has to be a petri dish for unique and odd people so that when you run into them, they’re not what you expect.”

“We want people to invest in our story by saying I chose to go here. I want to see it play out. I want to see the consequences of this. The story is your story,” Hutchinson concluded.

Far Cry 4 will release on November 18 in North America and November 20, 2014 in Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


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Source: Ubiblog

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