Square Enix announced the first downloadable content for their action role-playing game, NieR: Automata.

Nier: Automata DLC announcement was made during its “One Million Shipments Commemoration” live stream along with the gameplay trailers, which you can watch them in the player below!

The DLC titled “3C3C1D119440927”, will include three exciting new colosseums to challenge, plus additional sub-quests. Upon completion of these quests, players can earn various rewards, including:

  • Costumes from the previous Japanese release, NieR: Replicant, for androids 2B, 9S and A2
    • “Revealing Outfit” (in the style of Kaine) for 2B
    • “Young Man’s Outfit” (in the style of young Nier) for 9S
    • “Destroyer Outfit” (in the style of young adult Nier) for A2
  • Records that add special music tracks to the players’ jukebox
  • New equipment and cosmetic accessories such as hairspray that allows you to change the color of 2B and A2’s hair
  • Masks with unique “on equip” effects
  • Special bullets that change the appearance of enemy bullets

The critically acclaimed game has shipped more than one million physical and digital copies worldwide.

Fans will soon have more to experience in the world of NieR: Automata with today’s announcement from Square Enix.

The DLC will launch on May 2, 2017 for 1,500 yen in Japan and it will be available soon after in North America and Europe.

NieR: Automata is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Nier: Automata DLC
Nier: Automata DLC Costume
Nier: Automata DLC Costume
Nier: Automata DLC Costume
Nier: Automata DLC Costume

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