Next-generation PlayStation is codenamed Orbis and is being planned for a holiday 2013 release.

Reliable sources told Kotaku the console’s current working name is Orbis. The console won’t support backward compatibility for PlayStation 3 games, compared to when PS2 BC was dropped from PS3 around 2009 when Slim launched.

The Orbis codename is Latin for circle or ring. Combine that with the Latin meaning of Vita, it could mean circle of life. Other than this being revealed by a “source”, it has the tiniest amount of additional weight behind it as the URL exists.

Its hardware specs will consist of an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU, such a setup would allow the ability to output games at a resolution of 4096×2160. It’ll also be able to display 3D games at 1080p – up from the 720p limit on the PlayStation 3. Revised development kits were sent out earlier this month around GDC, with finalised units due by the end of this year.

PS4 Concept 2

Orbis will also have an anti-used games measure in the same way the next Xbox is supposed to, games will be made available in two ways: Blu-ray or download. Those who purchase new copies of games from retailers will receive a code that locks the title to their PlayStation Network account.

Once the process of “locking” the content from a Blu-Ray disc is completed, gamers are free to play or even download the software at a later date. Those who pick up a used copy of a PS4 title will receive a gimped version of the product, and will be asked to purchase a “season pass” of sorts in order to unlock the rest of a game’s content. Initial reports suggest that you’ll have to be connected online to play any game on it.

Keep in mind these are just rumors. Nothing is confirmed. Sony said it does not comment on rumors or speculation. If the console really will be launching next year, then expect some solid details during this year’s E3.

Another source revels that, Sony are aiming to get the Playstation 4 released before Microsoft’s Next Xbox, which is suspected to be seeing a release in late 2013.

What do you think of these PlayStation 4 claims?


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