EA’s confirmed that it has not abandoned the Mirror’s Edge franchise and that they are currently working on a new Mirror’s Edge project.

Good news for Mirror’s Edge fans; EA’s senior VP Patrick Söderlund recently confirmed that the gaming giant is hard at work on bringing the parkour-inspired franchise back.

“I loved Mirror’s Edge and what we did with Mirror’s Edge,” he told GameStar during a video interview. “We have not abandoned the franchise. And we are working on something, but I’m not willing to talk more about that.”

While no details were provided, this is fairly big news for fans of the first game, which allowed players to experience free-running from a first person view in one of the most vibrant cities we’ve ever seen in a game.

it was previously mentioned by EA Games Labels head, Frank Gibeau, that ideas for how to bring the intellectual property back were being worked on. During that interview, he also mentioned that Mirror’s Edge 2 to be powered by Frostbite 2 (being used for Battlefield 3). It makes complete sense, considering that DICE are the founding developers of both franchises.

If they can fix up their mistakes and serve up a more polished experience with Mirror’s Edge 2, then I think things can turn out pretty well for Faith and her parkour inspired world.

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