Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed ‘Copperhead’ at San Diego Comic-Con, as one of Black Mask’s assassins in the upcoming action-adventure, Batman: Arkham Origins, but now a new Villain has been added to the list.

The latest issue of OXM features The Mad Hatter, who isn’t part of Black Mask’s assassin group, He will appear as a side mission in the game.

Mad Hatter

“Wonderland is a weird, unsettling place at the best of times. Seen through an Arkham lens, Lewis Carroll’s creation is a dark hellscape of traps, dilapidated towers, and nightmarish illusions.

Somewhere deep within it lurks the Mad Hatter, who’s kidnapped a young woman to be his new “Alice,” and whose hypnotic devices have planted the realm in Batman’s mind.”

“Mad Hatter is a character we loved in Arkham City,” says creative director Eric Holmes. “We loved his presence, and we really wanted to do more with him. When we realized we wanted to bring him back, we also realized that part of the core experience of the Arkham franchise is its abstract encounters.

It’s not just literally walking into a room with a bunch of thugs who are doing some sort of deal and knocking them out. It’s also these inner journeys, where you’re mixing a little bit of what Batman’s mind is with a little bit of what the villain is, and how he might get inside Batman’s head.”

Batman: Arkham Origins will releases on October 25, 2013 for Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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Source: Official Xbox Magazine

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