Electronic Arts and Ghost Games debuted this year’s Need For Speed Heat reveal trailer giving us the first glimpse at their upcoming racing video game.

Check out all the action after the break in Need For Speed Heat reveal trailer:

Need For Speed Heat Reveal Trailer

“Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed HEAT, a white-knuckle street racer, where the lines of the law fade as the sun starts to set.

By day, Palm City hosts the Speedhunter Showdown, a sanctioned competition where you earn Bank to customize and upgrade your high-performance cars.

At night, ramp up the intensity in illicit street races that build your reputation, getting you access to bigger races and better parts.

But stay ready – cops are waiting and not all of them play fair.”

Need For Speed Heat will release on November 5 on Origin Access Premier/Play First Trial  and November 8, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Need For Speed Heat Reveal Trailer
Need For Speed Heat Trailer

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