Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain appear in a new music video for this strip club single off DJ Boy Wonda’s upcoming mixtape, Tough Love.

In the smoothed out track, Ne-Yo and Trey Songz hit a strip club together … and sing about their infautation with a dancer who they’ve falling for, simple because of the way she moves. Ne-Yo and Trey hold down the first two verses but T-Pain steals the show right after an apt intro from Mr Compound, “I got one more friend I wanna talk to with a little more experience in this department.”

Ne-Yo’s ‘The Way You Move’ video is definitely for the grown and sexy, with plenty of eye candy for the fellas. If you have ever been in love with a stripper, then this song is for you. Check out the Video below

The track is reportedly set to feature on Ne-Yo’s upcoming album The Cracks in Mr. Perfect.

Head over to The Hype Factor to check out the lyrics

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