Uncharted 3’s game director Justin Richmond and lead game designer Robert Cogburn hosted Uncharted 3 Two Year anniversary Reddit Ask Me Anything.

During the AMA a fan asked “If you were to, theoretically speaking, make a game that takes place in outer space, would Nathan Drake be a potential character that would appear there?”

To that Justin Richmond said, “If only the Starlight wasn’t so Savage…”

Adding to that Naughty Dog’s Co-President tweeted that they were invited to SpaceX, but he says they are not making a space game (Maybe because they aren’t allowed to do it so soon?).

This shouldn’t be surprising since SavageStarlight.com is registered to Uncharted 3’s Senior Technical Staff, Eric Hayashi.

The Last of Us was subtly hinted with a poster in Uncharted 3, and we have seen Savage Starlight comics in The Last of Us.

So do you think Naughty Dog’s next IP is a space-based sci-fi game? sound off in the comments below.

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Source: Reddit, Whois.

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