Naughty Dog, Inc. creators of Crash, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted are looking for quality assurance testers to work on “The Last of Us

Do you live in Santa Monica, California?, If yes than here is a job offer of a lifetime for you. You can beta test “The Last of Us“.

Naughty Dog Hiring Testers To Work On "The Last of Us" 1

Take a look at Job Requirements:

  • Find and report software issues (bugs, as they are commonly known)
  • Write issues into a database in a clear and concise manner (so the devs can fix bugs quickly and efficiently!)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (you can’t write a good bug or convey ideas without this)
  • Understand and execute detailed test plans with an eye for the smallest details (following directions is important)
  • Able to be a “team player” and work well with others on a continual basis (one big happy family, Kum-bay-ah….)
  • Play games for extended stretches of time without interruption (don’t worry, you get breaks and lunches!)
  • Must be able to work overtime (Prepare for a few sleepless nights)
  • Previous testing experience required
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word
  • Positive attitude and a desire to learn the ins and outs of game development a BIG plus
  • Understanding of programming languages and/or basic game design concepts
  • Formal post-high school education (college, technical school, etc)

If you think you have all the abilities listed above , Apply here now!!!


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