Modern Warfare 3 leak revealed that 16 multiplayer maps will be included with the game.  This is right on queue with other Call of Duty games. 

Thanks to TechGame‘s user “FanTaH” who managed to also leak images for all of the maps that will launch with the game as well.  So maybe investigators should start there when looking to find out who stole Activision’s latest game.

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Maps Leaked 4

If it turns out that the images are legitimately from the final version of Modern Warfare 3, the list below should be what you can expect when the game launches on November 8th.

Arkaden, Bakaara, Bootleg, Carbon, Dome, Downturn, Fallen, Hardhat, Interchange, Lockdown, Mission, Outpost, Resistance, Seatown, Underground, Village are the 16 multiplayer maps.

It’s not hard to tell that the maps share similarities to what we had in Modern Warfare 2. Some people will be upset with this, as they were hoping for something more original. However, the maps from MW2 were very good and enjoyable. Head over to Gamezone and take a look at the map images

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 8, the game might even come out on the Wii U platform.

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Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Maps Leaked 5Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Maps Leaked 6

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