Many big changes reported for multiplayer mode, Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling has told fans to expect a revamped killstreak system.

If you weren’t happy with Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer killstreak rewards, then worry no more as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have a completely redesigned killstreak  system.

Replying to rabid, trigger-happy fans via Twitter, Bowling said:  “We changed the entire way the killstreak system works. I can’t go into detail yet, but I will share when I can.”

Whether the vicious spam thirsty attack dogs made you cringe, or the blasted RC cars that would kill you while you were on an impressive killing spree, Black Ops certainly needed some fixing up to their already meek killstreak systems.

CEO Eric Hirshberg, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling and Sledghammer’s Glen Schofield appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show a demo of Modern Warfare 3′s Survival mode

Overall it seems Infinity Ward has seen the mistakes they made with Modern Warfare 2 and fixed them as well as taken ideas created by Treyarch and improved upon them. Hopefully other features such as a fully working Theatre mode, new attachments and dedicated servers head Modern Warfare 3’s way but even with what has already been announced it is definitely a game to get excited about!

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Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Killstreak system completely Overhauled 1Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Killstreak system completely Overhauled 2


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