Electronic Arts & DICE revealed a five-minute gameplay trailer for their upcoming action-adventure platform, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at Gamescom 2015.

In the trailer, “Experience the moment where Faith begins her rise from a carefree runner to the hero the city needs.

Playing in first person allows players to feel her fluid movement, combat and power.”


  • Fluid Movement & Combat in First-Person – You don’t need a gun. Use your environment, your momentum and your physicality to fight oppression.
  • Run Free in a Beautiful, Massive City – From the highest skyscrapers to the darkest tunnels, the city of Glass is yours to explore. There are no levels, no loading screens, just the freedom to choose what you want to do.
  • Experience the Rise of Faith – From a careless young woman, to a heroine who opens the eyes of the city and becomes the catalyst for change. You are Faith, and this is her origin story.

Pre-order the game now to get the Combat Runner Kit or the Speed Runner Kit. The digital Origin version will include both the both the Combat Runner Kit and the Speed Runner Kit.

“Experience the rise of Faith, a daring Runner who uncovers a hidden truth within the walls of the city of Glass.

Through her journey, Faith will explore every corner of the city, from the highest, most pristine skyscrapers, to the dark and gritty tunnels that lie beneath.

Players will need to master the environment, using their momentum and timing their combat to fight the oppression of the ruling elite, uncovering the dark secrets behind the city’s beautiful façade.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gives players the freedom to explore the entire city, discovering a variety of new activities, like ‘Dash’, races from point A to B, environmental puzzles and story missions to complete at their own pace.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on February 23, 2016 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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