Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox One exclusive title, Quantum Break won’t be a launch title, according to Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer.

The game will feature live-action videos blended with regular gameplay, which is not a launch title, it is still early in development and that Microsoft and Remedy are “trying to push the boundaries of how people think of live action and gaming today,” Spencer told Polygon.

Microsoft: Quantum Break Is 'Not A Launch Title' 1

“The unique capability of Remedy, I think is around storytelling and television’s always been a great place to tell strong stories. We’ve got this interactive component … where actions in one and viewing in one, impact what people are doing in the other. That’s our creative idea.

The team has enough momentum in that space, I thought, so it was a great opportunity to put them on stage and show something. We’ll talk more as the game evolves,” he concluded.

Quantum Break, from the makers of Alan Wake and Max Payne; is touted as revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between television and gameplay.


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