Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system may still be over a year away from launching, but if you have an idea or feature for Windows 8 that you want to offer to Microsoft, you might not want to waste your time. Cnet’s has a story today that a person who offered a Windows 8 suggestion was told by Microsoft that it won’t be accepting any outside ideas for the OS

Chris Carlucci, a former IT manager, wrote an email to Microsoft with an idea that he claims would have made Windows 8 easier to operate. However, Microsoft’s response to Carlucci’s suggestion was fairly blunt: ” … Microsoft does accept suggestions for existing products and services, we do not accept suggestions for new products, technologies, processes.” Because of this policy, Microsoft stated in its email, “… we are returning your information without review.”

Microsoft promoted Windows 7, the current version of its operating system, with a series of ads featuring people who offered suggestions for Windows 7 with the tag line. “Windows 7 was my idea.” confirmed with Microsoft that Windows 7 was created by suggestions given to the company by ordinary people. However, the company has not yet commented on why it is not doing the same thing with their next OS. This might be a case of someone at Microsoft mistakenly sending a customer the wrong information, at the moment, it’s looks like Windows 8 might not be your or anyone else’s idea outside of Microsoft employees.