The “Make It Right” teaser countdown ended, revealing a new live-action teaser titled “Raiden’s Arm”.

The trailer shows a group of scientists who seem to be recovering data from the dismembered arm of Raiden. Raiden is seen dipping in and out of consciousness as a result and experiences a number of flashbacks of his childhood.

Blurb accompanying the video says: “First recovered video segment from agent Raiden’s severed arm. Warning: Subject’s personal memories may have become entangled due to trauma.”

Check out the trailer after the break:

Previously, Raiden’s voice actor in the game, Quinton Flynn, tweeted that he was working on a unnamed project with John Cygan.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an action spin-off to the core Metal Gear Solid series, It’s expected at the end of the year.


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