Kim Dotcom (AKA Kim Schmitz) is a German computer programmer and businessman who generated much publicity during the dot-com bubble and was convicted of insider trading, and embezzlement in its aftermath. He is also the founder of Megaupload and associated sites.

Apparently Kim lived an outrageous life as one of the the founders of the file sharing web site Megaupload. He rented a massive mansion in New Zealand, had tons of luxury cars.

Megaupload Founder is Modern Warfare 3's No.1 Player 4

Kim Schmitz – was not only the worlds best pirate but also the worlds best Modern Warfare 3 player

Few weeks ago, Dotcom posted a video that showed him reaching the top spot in Modern Warfare 3 in the whole world, reports VentureBeat. Despite Modern Warfare 3 being pirated all over the world – becoming the second most pirated game of 2011, Dotcom actually ended up buying the title.

In the video below Dotcom is seen celebrating his 150,000 kill in the game with friends, complete with a big cake shaped like a “1”. It’s clear that event was a very happy time in his life. Check out the video below

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the game might even come out on the Wii U platform.

Order Call of Duty MW3

Megaupload Founder is Modern Warfare 3's No.1 Player 5Megaupload Founder is Modern Warfare 3's No.1 Player 6

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