Kinesthetic Games released the Announcement Trailer for Kung Fu Superstar, a revolutionary take on the fighting/action genre designed for the new era of gaming.

Kinesthetic Games a new studio formed of developers from studios such as Codemasters, EA, Climax, Lionhead Studios and others.

Kung Fu Superstar is the first game the studio is working on, get the trailer after the break:

Kung Fu Superstar is the world’s first action game where players fight using real Kung Fu techniques that the game teaches them.

Players will relive the epic journey of Danny Cheng, a young aspiring martial artist, as he rises through the ranks of international fame and stardom. Aided by his trusted Sifu, Danny will discover the secrets of Kung Fu and become the most popular martial arts stuntman Hollywood has ever known.

Players will use their full body and/or a controller to learn authentic martial arts techniques and level up Danny’s fighting abilities, as they improve their own knowledge of Kung Fu and then put their skills to the test on the movie set, where Danny takes part in dramatic fight choreographies and performs in explosive action sequences.

Kung Fu Superstar - Announcement Trailer 1

With multiple movie sets and plots to explore, colourful characters to be met along the way, Danny’s own overarching storyline, as well as a platform for learning real martial arts in a fun and engaging way, Kung Fu Superstar will open up a world of possibilities to players of every background.


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