Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima‘s Kojima Productions revealed a new image of their mascot, Ludens.

The image gives us the first look at Ludens’ face, get it after the break:

The studio sent the image above to Gamespot, revealing a bit of human-like face with a phrase “I’ll keep coming”.

Kojima Productions declined to comment on the content of the new image when asked for further details, stating “You can freely imagine whatever you see.”

Mascot, Ludens’ full-body image was first revealed in May 2016.

Producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi stated: “This is not an image of the game which we are working on and today clarifies that the images isn’t a screenshot.

Hideo Kojima talks about the image on twitter:

“The icon of Kojima Productions is LUDENS (those who play) who delivers NEW PLAY in NEW FUTURE with the use of cutting edge equipment, technology & frontier spirit. Western & Eastern, past & future, destruction & frontier, adventure & creation, real & fake, all these images got into fusion.”

The first game from Kojima Productions will be produced in partnership with Sony, it will be published on both PlayStation 4 and PC.


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Source: Gamespot & Twitter.