Sony released a new developer diary for their upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall, developed by Guerrilla Games.

“In the latest installment of Conversations with Creators, the team discuss exactly what that entails, and—more importantly—the ways in which the PS4’s potency and tremendous ease of development have dramatically expanded the kinds of creative possibilities and interactive experiences we can bring to our fans.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. Life on the Helghast home planet Helghan has been left in ruins, however, the war still goes on.

The Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) allows Helghast refugees to resettle on planet Vekta. The Vektan and Helghast factions are living in a city which is divided by a large securitywall. The Helghast are fighting for their right to exist, while the Vektans are fighting for survival.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be a launch title for the PlayStation 4.


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